New South Wales

Age: 25

Occupation: Risk Consultant

Inspired by chefs and cooks including Ben Shewry, Brent Savage, Clayton Wells, Shannon Bennet and Sam Miller, there is no question this fiercely competitive cook will put her nose to the grindstone to get the most from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Born and raised in Sydney, Sarah has always been involved in the kitchen and her mother would routinely teach her the recipes and techniques from her own childhood in Malaysia. She remembers fondly her cooking an array of cuisines growing up and recalls the unique aroma of fermented beans, wine and ginger as a marinated pork belly was prepared for family dinners.

Cooking for friends and family since she was 15, Sarah began taking her passion seriously and developing her own recipes from when she was 17. A self-described high achiever, Sarah graduated with degrees in Actuarial Studies and Law from Macquarie University in 2013.

Outside of the kitchen, she loves to play the guitar, saxophone, go fishing or potter in the garden. Sarah hopes to one day open her own bistro-style restaurant with a focus on pork products and wine.

With a passion for creating elegant, beautiful and generous dishes, Sarah wants to incorporate her ideal cooking style, introducing Japanese and Malaysian influences into dishes typically found on French, Italian or modern Australian menus.