South Australia

Age: 26

Occupation: Market Stall Owner

Growing up in the Adelaide Hills, Samuel’s early life was full of outdoor adventures and a strong community spirit. It is a way of life he has not lost, as he now operates his own business selling fermented products at his local farmers’ market.

Passionate about his job, which allows him to be both social and creative, and spending his weekend surrounded by other like-minded people, Samuel thrives off creativity, passion and energy.

He loves nothing more than expressing his creativity in the kitchen and looks to fellow home cooks and chefs Poh Ling Yeow, Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant for inspiration. Samuel says one of his greatest food idols is his older sister Yasmin, who works as a cook on the Sunshine Coast.

Growing up, Samuel attended a local agricultural high school, which offered a farm-life atmosphere. He relished his school days and loved managing the small garden plot as part of his year eight studies.

When he is not spending time outdoors with his girlfriend Lauren, be it fishing, kayaking or camping, Samuel is planning his next getaway. A passionate traveller, he left Adelaide after high school to start a new life in London, where he worked and travelled for five years. This took him through Europe, North Africa, North and Central America and South East Asia. He lists Japan as his next desired destination to improve his cooking skills, fascinated by the technical and multi-dimensional cuisine.

Describing himself as competitive and at times a perfectionist, Samuel hopes to continue to grow his fermentation business, run cooking workshops and eventually open a seasonal food café south of Adelaide after his MasterChef Australia journey. Working only with local ingredients, he wants to create a small, ever-changing menu of delicious, healthy and comforting dishes.