Western Australia

Age: 31

Occupation: Crane Operator


Cool, calm and collected – crane operator Pete Morgan says his larrikin and laid back approach in the kitchen shouldn’t deceive his fellow competitors. This blokey bloke is very much at home in the kitchen, and he says there’s no doubt his grit and determination can take him all the way.


Born and raised in Mt Isa, Queensland, Pete spent his childhood often in the air, flying over rural cattle properties with his Dad who was working as a technician. After a short stint in Gladstone, Pete began his work in the mines at 19, first based in central Queensland in the Bowen Basin before later moving between Cairns, Darwin and Perth where he has since settled.


Pete’s position in the Top 24 for MasterChef 2017 was meant to be – a day before applications closed his role in the mines was made redundant, so he took the leap and signed on.


Working as a fly in and fly out shift worker, Pete rarely had access to kitchens and would spend his time on sites fantasizing about the food he would cook when he was home. A keen viewer of cooking shows, Pete would study and research new techniques and practice them in his downtime. He cites Heston Blumenthal, Magnus Nilsson and Massimo Bottura as his food heroes, and those he follows most closely, describing his signature cooking style as quite heavily focussed on meat dishes.


Describing himself as competitive, Pete says he takes great pride in his dishes, and knows being critical of his work will help him in the MasterChef kitchen.


Pete is also a keen traveller, and has ventured through Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Japan and the United States, but says Thailand is his favourite foodie destination.


Supported by his girlfriend Kayla, Pete says he hopes to one day open a café in Perth and later, own and operate a small farm in Tasmania, hosting guests in cabins, and cooking for them during their stay.