Western Australia

Age: 29

Occupation: Hospitality Manager


Irish lad Lee has heard it all in the kitchen before but while he can cook a mean spud, he says potatoes are just one part of his extensive repertoire.


Born in Dublin, Lee, together with his parents, sister and brother relocated to the small country town of Blessington in rural Ireland when he was 15.


Lee loves the area, and says his fondest memories are still celebrating big family dinners and Sunday Roasts with extended family.


After leaving high school Lee found his niche in hospitality, and has travelled throughout Europe and Australia, working within the industry. He has since settled down in Perth with girlfriend, Gemma.


Lee’s love of food started early. He remembers being scolded by his Dad when he was 8 for going to bed with a slice of cheese under his pillow. While his palate and bedtime snacks may have changed, his passion for food never has.


Cooking properly since he was 14, he says his mother taught him most of his early skills, and when he began backpacking he would routinely write down and practice different recipes he encountered on his travels.


His signature dish is a medium rare rib eye served with blue cheese butter, fat cut chips and crispy onions.


After MasterChef Lee hopes to own and operate his own brew pub, in Perth, specialising in delicious food and beverages. With a strong focus on local produce, he hopes to have an extensive fruit and vegetable garden on the property, producing homemade jams, chutneys, pickles and olives for sale.


When he’s not cooking up a storm, or researching his next travel destination, Lee enjoys playing soccer and golf, and keeping fit.