Age: 32

Occupation: Senior IT Administrator


Growing up on the Gold Coast between his parents, who were separated, gave Josh a unique appreciation about food and produce. While his mum was always whipping up something rich and delicious in the kitchen, his dad and step-mum were on the hunt for the healthiest options, omitting processed foods, cooking from their kitchen garden and focusing on local produce. Josh admits that while it wasn’t all that fun growing up on rye crackers and soy milk, he now enjoys making dishes that tick all the boxes in taste and health.


Josh’s natural talent for computers led him into his current career, but while he loves his job he admits to looking for something more fulfilling, and hopes MasterChef might just be part of the answer. He knows now is the time for a big, bold change.


A lover of wine, Josh has completed work experience at several of Australia’s premier wineries in central Victoria. He even took annual leave to work for a winery in Wanaka in New Zealand’s Central Otago. Josh lives and breathes for the finer delicacies in life. When he’s not truffle hunting in Tasmania, fishing for trout or diving for abalone, he may just take a break riding his mountain bike in the alpine regions.


For Josh food is more than just a dish, it’s a story and experience looking at where food derives from. Joining this year’s Top 24, Josh hopes to inspire people with educational food experiences to last a lifetime.


Supported at home by his girlfriend Erin, and inspired by cooks and chefs including Jamie Oliver, Matthew Evans, Dan Hunter, Rodney Dunn, Maggie Beer and Tetsuya Wakunda; Josh says one of his greatest learning experiences has come from MasterChef’s MasterClasses. He favours the big, punchy flavours of Asian cuisine, and admits his repertoire of baking and desserts need some work.


Following his MasterChef journey, Josh hopes to follow his relentless passion for coffee and wine opening a cafe wine bar with a strong focus on educational experiences.