South Australia

Age: 32

Occupation: Graduate Law Clerk


An example of tenacity and perseverance in the MasterChef kitchen, Eloise has finally made it into this year’s Top 24 after four previous unsuccessful attempts. Always looking to improve her cooking skills, Eloise has worked hard to earn her place this year, and says she’s reached her ‘now or never’ moment in creating her food future.


Born in Adelaide, Eloise grew up in a close-knit family with her parents and younger brother Nathaniel, a barista. It’s with Nathaniel she hopes to one day create her food dream, opening a lounge style dessert and whiskey bar together.


Inspired in the kitchen by Adam Liaw, Maggie Beer, Dan Mendelson and Jock Zonfrillo. Eloise says her biggest food idol remains Heston Blumenthal. She says she admires his creative approach to cooking, and his ability to turn things upside down. Describing herself as just as inquisitive, Eloise is always on the hunt in the kitchen for why something works the way it does.


At home her greatest food hero remains her Nonna, who she helped put together big family dinners with each week. Eloise says it was a big part of growing up, hosting large seasonal family gatherings where together they made passata and cured meats.


Like many teenagers Eloise rebelled against her mother’s suggestion she study law. Years later she realised as many do that mum was right, and last year she completed her law degree – an exciting moment after several years of juggling study and part-time work. But she says law remains a distant second behind cooking, as she looks to pursue her ultimate love – food.


Described by friends as outgoing and vivacious, Eloise says she is one to watch for in the kitchen this season, citing her headstrong and sometimes loud and stubborn nature. With her sights set on a brand new future in food, this confident and competitive cook says is committed to glory in the MasterChef kitchen.