New South Wales

Age: 18

Occupation: Student


Though he might be MasterChef’s youngest recruit this season, Callan’s growing talent in his young years shouldn’t be underestimated. Few other 18-year-olds dream of one day opening their own five star molecular gastronomic restaurant, incorporating elements of the theatre to ensure customers are wowed by a full dining experience.


Cooking since he was 5, Callan’s first kitchen experience wasn’t a raging success – he attempted a birthday cake without using a recipe, and says while the result wasn’t a win in the kitchen, he’s since developed his skills and rarely receives complaints.


Born and raised in Sydney, Callan grew up with his parents and younger sister. His family own a bottle shop and wine bar, and Callan says he has been cooking meals for his family as long as he can remember.


While school was sometimes a challenging time, Callan always sought refuge in kitchen, baking and expressing himself through food. With a passion for combining science with ‘normal everyday cooking’, Callan would throw together unusual ingredients, and routinely attempt dishes to improve and constantly excel in the kitchen. Completing his HSC exams on the eve of the MasterChef Judges Auditions, Callan says he wanted a place in the Top 24 more than anything else.


Inspired by fresh, modern Asian food, Callan lists Kylie Kwong and Neil Perry as those he admires in the kitchen. He also loves to watch and follow Martin Boetz and Dan Hong with his all time favourite food hero being Heston Blumenthal.


Outside of cooking and spending time with his family and friends, Callan volunteers within the theatre and film industry, and has studied acting and musical theatre at his performing arts high school.