New South Wales

Age: 23

Occupation: Photographer


Bryan’s home is rarely a quiet place – if it’s not the funny and bubbly Bryan making the noise, it’s his four younger brothers – Parker, Roger, Jason and Thomas, his parents, his grandparents and his cousin who all live there too.


Born and raised in Sydney, Bryan says food was a big focus for the family growing up, with celebrations like birthdays and Chinese New Year requiring days of food preparation. Working front of house as a cashier and waiter at his parent’s tuckshop in Mascot, Bryan now dreams of stepping behind the bench to create his own culinary dream.


At school Bryan excelled in creative arts including drawing and painting. He loved fashion and photography, and it’s this strong creative streak he enjoys parlaying into the kitchen, creating extravagant and decorative desserts made to impress.


After school Bryan completed a commerce degree, but he has been drawn back to his love of the arts, and now owns his own photography business, shooting weddings, parties and events.


But when he’s not shooting weddings, he’s thinking about wedding cakes and all things sweet. Bryan says cooking has always been his relief from the daily stresses of life, and he loves the creative side of making desserts with different opportunities to plate his dish and explore new textures. He says he likes to look at a plate like a blank canvas, with colour and flavours bursting out.


Outside of the kitchen Bryan loves to travel, taking the car on road trips and exploring the world through photography.


Citing Janice Wong, Martin Benn, Zachary Tan and Anna Polyviou as his food idols, Bryan hopes to gain experience working in a dessert bar or alongside a pastry chef following his MasterChef journey.