New South Wales

Age: 34

Occupation: Advertising Strategist


After cooking for the judges three times during auditions, and securing the last apron of the competition, Arum definitely feels the pressure to prove himself worthy of the Top 24.


But it’s a challenge he’s excited by, and challenges are something Arum excels at.


Together with his three brothers, Mark, Charlie and Wulstan, Arum was born and raised in the idyllic countryside of Worcester in the United Kingdom. His first cooking experience came as many do, at home with his parents. His mum made all the family meals from scratch, and she was routinely making bread, jams and marmalades, which Arum says still stock the family pantry.


From the age of 8 until he was 17, Arum performed ballet and contemporary dance with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. He looks back at the time with fondness, but laughs at his current inability on a dance floor.


After graduating from high school, Arum was accepted into Oxford University. He threw himself into the English college lifestyle, sitting exams in full suits, punting and rowing for the first team. Graduating with a degree in Geography, Arum took a gap year – basing himself in Nigeria for five months working for the Department of International Development. He says his time in Nigeria gave him a unique appreciation of food, as he dined on dishes including goat heads curry with eyeballs.


Arum returned to London at 22 and began an advertising and marketing role. He met Fiona, and in 2011 they made the move down under, settling in Sydney.


A keen adventure enthusiast, Arum loves outdoor sports, routinely playing volleyball, mountain bike riding and rock climbing. He has competed several marathons and ultra-marathons, and in 2014 completed a 100km trail running race through the Blue Mountains. The following year he participated in a gruelling 243km multi-sport race across New Zealand, which included 70km of white water kayaking.


In September 2015, Arum and Fiona returned home to rural Nottingsham where they were married. It’s a spot like that in Australia where Arum hopes one day to open and run a country rural pub