Resides: New South Wales

Age: 54

Occupation: Project manager

Born in Sabah in the Malaysian city of Kota Kinabalu, Metter and his three siblings were raised by his mother, who owned a hair salon, and his father, who worked as a taxi driver. 

Later living in New Zealand, Hong Kong and New York, Metter now calls Sydney home, where he lives with his long-term partner Joey.

Passionate about his cultural heritage and traditional way of cooking, Metter’s dream is to introduce Australia to the cuisine and culture from the Hakka-speaking province of China.

With degrees in Accounting and Information Systems, and a Master’s in Business, by day Metter specialises in managing IT projects.

Listing Thai as his favourite cuisine for its punchy fragrances and fresh herbs, Metter also loves Joey’s heritage, enjoying the warmth and simplicity of Italian dishes. 

Describing his cooking style as traditional Hakka, with modern Australian and Malaysian influences, Metter’s favourite dish to serve is Hakka stuffed tofu, stuffed bitter gourd and stuffed capsicum. 

Metter loves to travel and dreams of one day cooking in China and Spain.