Resides: Victoria

Age: 46

Occupation: Travel manager

Until two years ago, travel manager Jo was living in the city that never sleeps, New York, and says the experience as a foodie was one in a million.

Based in Manhattan and then across the river in Hoboken for five years, Jo says the melting pot of cuisines on offer meant an endless array of choice and experiences to learn.

It is a long way from Katherine in the Northern Territory where Jo was born, before moving to Darwin where she was raised.

Throughout her 20s and 30s, Jo moved around Australia, based for a time in Port Douglas, Adelaide and Brisbane, before she headed to the US.

In 2015 she returned to Australia, but not before a self-described foodie tour took her to Mexico, on safari through Namibia and Zambia, into Morocco and through northern Italy.

Basing herself in Brisbane briefly before relocating to Melbourne in 2016, Jo admits she sees herself as a nomad, always happy to move and chase a new adventure and dream.

She hopes when her MasterChef Australia journey comes to an end, she can combine her two great loves and create travel culinary tours for foodies across Australia and overseas.