Resides: Victoria

Age: 49

Occupation: Recruitment Coordinator

Born and bred in Melbourne as one of five children, Genene describes her childhood as brimming with “classic meat and three veg” fare.

It was only when she moved out of home at 23 that her flatmate began to teach her how to cook delicious meals. She was, in her words, a late bloomer.

Genene worked in wholesale travel for 10 years before moving into a travel coordinator role with a stockbroking company.

She then worked her way into recruitment, where she has been now for more than two decades.

Married since 2005 to husband Andrew, Genene is the proud stepmum of three children, Isabella, Simon and Henry.

Genene says family meals cater to a pescatarian and a vegetarian, so she is hopeful her skills will help in covering a variety of cooking styles in the MasterChef Australia kitchen. 

A big fan of cakes and biscuits, she makes all her own jams, preserves, relishes and pastes, but cites seafood as a weakness.

One day Genene hopes to own a regional property with Andrew. She wants it to feature an orchard and vegetable garden so she can bottle her own produce to sell at farmers’ markets. 

When she is not spending time with her family and cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Genene loves heading to the theatre and cheering on her mighty Richmond Football Club.