Resides: New South Wales

Age: 34

Occupation: Student enrolment officer

Adele’s grandmother once told her the way into a man’s heart is through his stomach and Adele’s American husband David has already joked he is set to lose a few kilograms when his wife moves into the MasterChef Australia house.

Married for two years, the pair love Adele’s American-style cooking.

The second of two daughters, Adele was born in Sydney and grew up in the same house throughout her childhood. 

After high school she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and Nutritional Medicine at the University of Western Sydney. 

In 2012, Adele moved to Brisbane with David and the pair loved the change of pace. 

She has since returned to Sydney to be with family, but sees herself back in Queensland one day.

Already possessing a flair for all things sweet and savoury, she one day hopes to own her own gourmet food truck.

She plans to kickstart her dream at the Eat Street Markets, featuring Southern American-styled food with a South African slant - a nod to her heritage.

Adele lists season eight runner-up Matt Sinclair, Kylie Kwong and Heston Blumenthal as her food idols.

Away from the kitchen, Adele loves watching movies, but for now her mind is set on making her culinary dreams a reality.