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MasterChef Australia is back, jam-packed with the biggest, boldest challenges and culinary delights. 24 talented and passionate former contestants are taking to the kitchen floor for the biggest opportunity of their lives – to claim the trophy which eluded them once before.

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    Season 12, Episode 1
    • Sunday 28 Jun

    G MasterChef is back with all-new judges, and your favourite ex-contestants are back to win the MasterChef title. Joining them all week is chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay.

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      • Wednesday 16 Sep

      G Tonight's elimination will take place over two rounds, the first of which is the classic blind taste test The first four contestants who guess incorrectly will go into round two.

      • Tuesday 15 Sep

      G Every five minutes an ingredient that can be used in their cook is revealed to our contestants. They can start cooking at any time but only have access to the ingredients revealed up to that point.

      • Monday 14 Sep

      G The contestants are presented with special golden mystery boxes - what could be inside?

      • Sunday 13 Sep

      G Charlie Carrington of Melbourne restaurant Atlas sets today's elimination challenge focusing on food from different countries. But will a big risk send one contestant home?

      • Wednesday 9 Sep

      G Today's immunity challenge is all about resourcefulness. The contestants are each presented with a pumpkin and have 90 minutes to cook three dishes that feature pumpkin in some way.

      • Tuesday 8 Sep

      G Today's mystery box is all about smoke. Contestants can use any method of smoking as long as one element has been smoked with a smoking gun. The top four will cook in tomorrow's immunity challenge.

      • Monday 7 Sep

      G Benjamin Cooper, Executive Chef of Chin Chin Melbourne sets tonight's pressure test where contestants must recreate his jungle curry with rice and roti... without a recipe.

      • Sunday 6 Sep

      G Teams of two must create two dishes using a chosen ingredient. Dishes must be identical in taste and appearance but they will not be able to see each other while they cook, so communication is key.

      • Wednesday 2 Sep

      G Today is elimination and it's significant - over two rounds, whoever gets through will make up the top ten.

      • Tuesday 1 Sep

      G Each round in today's immunity challenge is worth 10 points and the contestant with the highest score at the end of round three will win immunity and be free from elimination.

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