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MasterChef Australia is back, jam-packed with the biggest, boldest challenges and culinary delights. 24 talented and passionate former contestants are taking to the kitchen floor for the biggest opportunity of their lives – to claim the trophy which eluded them once before.

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    Season 12, Episode 1
    • Sunday 28 Jun

    G MasterChef is back with all-new judges, and your favourite ex-contestants are back to win the MasterChef title. Joining them all week is chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay.

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      • Monday 3 Aug

      G Contestants have three hours to complete a simply stunning Darren Purchese dish, but in the final hour of the cook, a twist that no one could anticipate is thrown at the contestants.

      • Sunday 2 Aug

      G Contestants learn that there will be a twist with every challenge this week, so they must think on their feet to survive!

      • Wednesday 29 Jul

      G In this episode's take-away elimination challenge, contestants must make a dish that will stand the home delivery test. Contestants have 90 minutes from the start of the cook to completed delivery.

      • Tuesday 28 Jul

      G Join the contestants for a journey on the sushi train to a blind tasting! Chefs must impress with a strong use of flavour, texture and ingredients in order to win this week and claim victory.

      • Monday 27 Jul

      PG Today's Mystery Boxes are filled to the brim with fresh produce sourced by locals who grow fruit and vegetables in their backyards. Who will impress the most for a chance at immunity?

      • Sunday 26 Jul

      PG Contestants are tasked with replicating Helly Raichura's popular 'pasta not pasta' dish. However, there's a twist, as only those who cannot identify ingredients through a taste test must cook!

      • Wednesday 22 Jul

      G The contestants are heading beyond the kitchen for a range of off-site challenges! First-up, teams must make two entrees and three mains for 50 hungry diners. Which team will impress?

      • Tuesday 21 Jul

      G Elimination is on the menu for contestants, and it's all about texture! Today, the Chefs must produce the crispiest and the gooiest dishes. It's now crunch time, so who will crumble under pressure?

      • Monday 20 Jul

      PG Another week, another immunity challenge! Today, time is of the essence as contestants compete in a time auction. But there's a twist - the more time spent buying ingredients, the less time to cook!

      • Sunday 19 Jul

      PGL It's time for another Mystery Box challenge, and today the judges reveal that each contestant's box contains ingredients which they can barter. Who will trade successfully for a chance at immunity?

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