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    Season 11, Episode 1
    • Wednesday 14 Aug

    PG Season Premiere: MasterChef is back as Australia's most talented home cooks compete for the title of MasterChef 2019, and the grand prize of $250,000!

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      • Wednesday 18 Sep

      G Three contestants face a pressure test and will cook a paella based on an award-winning dish by Leno Lattarulo from Melbourne's Simply Spanish. Simple, right? Wrong. It is Secrets Week, after all!

      • Saturday 14 Sep

      G It's Secrets Week, and, after a quick workshop with Din Tai Fung's Edward Yulianto, our cooks must create a tasty dumpling feast, and later invent a delightful dish that incorporates a secret.

      • Friday 13 Sep

      G Legends week continues as Yotam Ottolenghi hosts a deli item challenge. The first three contestants to incorrectly name a deli item must cook to stay in the competition. Who will be heading home?

      • Thursday 12 Sep

      G Joined by Yotam Ottolenghi, our contestants are cooking street food for 360 people! Each team must hero a different cuisine, and the least impressive team will be sent into the next elimination.

      • Wednesday 11 Sep

      G Mentored by Matt Sinclair, in this nail-biting immunity challenge contestants can only use equipment from a typical office kitchen! Plus, one person will have to compete against legend Donovan Cooke!

      • Saturday 7 Sep

      G In today's Pressure Test, contestants recreate a dessert from culinary legend Clare Smyth. During an epic 4 hours of preparation, there are tears and even a dish that collapses before the judges' eyes!

      • Friday 6 Sep

      G It's Legends Week and our cooks have to create a dish using the Mystery Box of one of the world's biggest culinary superstars, the truly legendary Rick Stein!

      • Thursday 5 Sep

      G The losing team from last night face an epic elimination challenge!

      • Wednesday 4 Sep

      PG Contestants cook outside the MasterChef kitchen for the second time, in a service challenge set to whet the appetite! In Melbourne's CBD, can the contestants impress the judges?

      • Saturday 31 Aug

      G Nigella week continues and the contestants must battle it out over two rounds for their chance at the immunity pin! Plus, season 7 winner Billie McKay joins the MasterChef kitchen as this week's mentor!

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