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    Season 11, Episode 1
    • Wednesday 14 Aug

    PG Season Premiere: MasterChef is back as Australia's most talented home cooks compete for the title of MasterChef 2019, and the grand prize of $250,000!

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      • Wednesday 23 Oct

      G The contestants have 60 minutes to create the best dish using at least one of the key ingredients presented to them. The winner will then have a shot at Immunity!

      • Saturday 19 Oct

      G In today's bitter-sweet elimination, Sweet Week comes to an end with contestants needing to create a sweet dish without any processed sugars or products containing added sugar!

      • Friday 18 Oct

      G Today's Team Challenge comes with a twist as contestants cook in pairs while separated by a wall! Their dishes must be identical in look, texture and flavour - but how can they match what they can't see?

      • Thursday 17 Oct

      G Tonight's Immunity Challenge sees contestants creating and filling the ultimate ice-cream cone! With a special advantage also on offer, who will secure a place in the Top 10?

      • Wednesday 16 Oct

      PG The contestants have 2 days to perfect their own Black Forest Lune Croissant from queen of perfection Kate Reid. Whose dough will rise to the top?

      • Friday 11 Oct

      PG Kicking off Sweet Week, molecular master Heston Blumenthal enters the kitchen with a Mystery Box for the contestants!

      • Thursday 10 Oct

      G Maggie Beer is back for the elimination challenge which will take place over two rounds. In round one, the contestants must celebrate herbs from the garden. In round two, they must feature spices.

      • Wednesday 9 Oct

      G Contestants find themselves in the Macedon Ranges for this team challenge: a picnic at Hanging Rock! And they're in for a surprise as the guest chef is none other than the beloved Maggie Beer!

      • Saturday 5 Oct

      G Contestants wake to letters from home containing special instructions for round one of the immunity cook. The winner will cook off against Chef Jessie McTavish from North Bondi Fish.

      • Friday 4 Oct

      G Three face the chopping block in an elimination challenge with a surprise twist!

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