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    Season 9

      • Tuesday 23 May

      G New Series: A fresh group of home cooks from around Australia tackle challenges that will see one of them take home the title and the cash prize of $250,000.

      • Wednesday 24 May

      G After a record-breaking first-round cook that saw an extraordinary 20 aprons handed out, only four aprons remain. Who will have what it takes to impress the judges?

      • Thursday 25 May

      G In the third and final round of the judge's auditions, six contestants are vying for the final apron, which will secure them a place in the top 24.

      • Friday 26 May

      G The top 24 contestants enter the kitchen for their first mystery box challenge. Later, the bottom four will cook off in an elimination challenge.

      • Saturday 27 May

      G The bottom four dishes in last night's Mystery Box face the first elimination challenge of the series - Hidden Pairs.

      • Tuesday 30 May

      G Each judge has placed three of their favourite ingredients into the mystery box and contestants will have 75 minutes to create a remarkable dish for a chance at immunity.

      • Wednesday 31 May

      G The three contestants with the least impressive dishes from the invention test face off in the pressure test. To survive they must keep up with Gary Mehigan as he prepares his classic roast chicken.

      • Thursday 1 Jun

      PGR The top three contestants from the invention test now compete in creating a family meal for four in half an hour. The winner will then take on a professional chef for a chance at immunity.

      • Friday 2 Jun

      G The contestants gather at Gradi, one of Melbourne's leading Italian restaurants before being split into two teams who must prepare four dishes for 250 hungry diners to avoid the elimination challenge.

      • Saturday 3 Jun

      G The losing team from the Italian service challenge face elimination. Who will be the next to leave the competition?

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