Yet, when the collapse of an oil rig coincides with childhood tragedies for both, Tandy and Tyrone become inextricably linked through their shared trauma – and, unbeknownst to them, instilled with mysterious abilities.   

When the pair are reunited in a chance meeting as teenagers, however, their powers are awakened - and quickly they find they are stronger together than apart. 

Olivia Holt as Dagger

Tandy Bowden / Dagger – Olivia Holt

Once an aspiring ballet dancer born into the lap of luxury, Tandy’s idyllic childhood takes a turn when her father is killed in a freak accident leaving her and her mother with nothing.

Years later, a teenage Tandy is still reckoning with the aftermath and, unable to live with her addict mother, has taken to a life on the streets.

Surviving by robbing the rich with whom she once rubbed shoulders, Tandy’s luck is beginning to run out when she discovers she has a strange ability – the power to emit light daggers from her hands.

Coupled with visions of the hopes and dreams of her loved ones, the cynical and world-weary Tandy is newly attuned to the good in people and, together with Tyrone, must learn to use her gift. 


Aubrey Joseph as Cloak

Tyrone Johnson / Cloak – Aubrey Joseph

Riddled with guilt after the death of his older brother at the hands of a crooked cop and terrified that he will meet the same fate, Tyrone is torn between staying on the straight and narrow and a longing for vengeance - a balance he is finding harder and harder to maintain.

When he and Tandy meet for the first time since childhood, however, he discovers that he holds the power to engulf others in darkness.

Just as Tandy can see other’s wishes, Tyrone too becomes privy to the fears of those around him – realising that even those who appear strongest are often just as afraid as he is.

Connected by their powers and by their feelings for one another, Tandy and Tyrone’s already complicated lives are turned upside-down as together they take on a strange new world.


Marvel's Cloak and Dagger starts Sunday 23 September at 9.30pm on DUKE.