Mad About You

Mad About You

Paul and Jamie Buchman are back in a revival of the iconic US sitcom! It's been 18 years since their daughter Mabel was born and they're about to start their life as empty-nesters as she heads off to college. Or go back to the beginning and stream every season of the hit 90s series!

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Mad About You
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    Season 1, Episode 1

    PG When their planned evening alone turns into an impromptu dinner party, Paul and Jamie prove to be very resourceful in finding quality time together.

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      PG Paul and Jamie struggle with being empty-nesters after their daughter Mabel leaves for college.

      PG When Jamie can't stay away from campus, Mabel's drastic measures to keep her at bay force Paul to step in when trouble arises.

      PG Jamie's return to the workforce is complicated by menopause. Meanwhile, Paul is asked to speak to Mabel's college film class.

      PG Jamie spins out when one of her meticulously crafted scrapbooks documenting Mabel's childhood disappears. Meanwhile, Ira shocks everyone (himself included) when he asks Lucia to marry him.

      PG Tonya supervises Jamie as she transitions back into the workplace as a therapist. At the gym, Mark is upset when Paul refuses to be naked around him.

      PG Paul and Jamie pay a visit to a retirement home to see his mother Sylvia and her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Ira gets an unexpected visitor at the restaurant.

      PG When a childhood friend's death leads Paul to discover that Jamie changed her burial plans without telling him, Ira suspects the deceased of trying to perpetuate a long-running prank.

      PG When Lisa double-books housesitting clients, Paul spends the weekend at Anderson Cooper's apartment. Meanwhile, Jamie unwittingly comes between Tonya and her fantasy husband.

      PG Just as they are starting marriage counselling, the Buchmans get a generous offer for their apartment. Meanwhile, Ira suspects he's being punished for not using a local cheese supplier for his restaurant.

      PG Dr. Kleinman sends Paul and Jamie to marriage boot camp. Lisa's questionable judgement threatens to leave the Buchmans without a dog. Guest starring Jason Alexander.

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