Love Your Home and Garden

Alan Titchmarsh surprises deserving people across Britain with transformations to their outdoor living spaces. Alan and his team of experts nurture neglected grounds and turn them into stunning gardens while shoveling out handy hints and advice.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Friday 5 Apr 2019
    • 20 days left to view

    G For the first time, Alan Titchmarsh transforms not just a garden but a house as well. He heads to Banbury to surprise two young carers Claudia and Leonie who look after their mother Donna.

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      • Thursday 5 Dec 2019
      • 20 days left to view

      G Alan Titchmarsh is in Nottinghamshire, transforming the lives of Joshua, a 15-year-old wheelchair user and his mother Benita by creating a dramatic glass-roofed home.

      • Thursday 12 Dec 2019
      • 20 days left to view

      G Alan Titchmarsh and his team are in Hemel Hempstead to create something special for Parkinson's patient Mike and his family.

      • Thursday 19 Dec 2019
      • 20 days left to view

      G Season Finale: Alan Titchmarsh and his expert team visit wheelchair users Nina and Steve and their two children, transforming their home and garden.