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  • Love Island - The Buzz

    Congratulations Love Island Winners!

    WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the 2017 Love Island finale.

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    Love Island's Rap Trio - Little Bit Leave It

    This week on Love Island, Chris, Kem and Marcel entertained us with an original rap song. Learn the lyrics right here!

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    Love Island - love IS in the air

    So we’re about half way through the season, and it’s starting to get REAL. Well, as real as a reality TV show can be anyway. Some true feelings are starting to show. Here’s where our coupled-up lovebirds are at.

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    The biggest twist in Love Island history

    This week on Love Island, life in the villa was shaken up for good.

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    Love Island - Top 5 wow moments from Week 3

    Fall outs, blow outs, make-ups and shake-ups, this week had us in deep.

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    14 of the best one-liners from Love Island

    This season’s Love Island housemates have some of the most colourful banter we’ve seen in reality TV. The things that come out their mouths generally shocking in the best kind of way. Here’s some of the highlights.

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    Love Island Week 2 - what we learned

    Another week in paradise has come to an end. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most important revelations.

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    21 reasons why Camilla is too good for Love Island

    Our lady Camilla single-handedly brings a touch of class to the Love Island villa. Here's why she's a cut above the rest.

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    Love Island Recap - The Most Awkward Moments from Week 1

    We’re well acquainted with the Love Island villa and its inhabitants now. Here’s some highlights from the first week of Season 3.

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    Love Island: Learn the Lingo

    Okay so if you’re watching Love Island, you may have noticed some weird and wonderful phrases being coined by the contestants. This is your guide to understanding what they mean. We suggest you try and sneak them into your everyday vocab, as often as possible.

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