Tyne-Lexy and Camilla at the recoupling...

1. Tyne-Lexy is dumped from the Island

Okay so this one isn’t a huge surprise really. Poor old Tyne hadn’t really made a connection with any of the boys, despite her best efforts.

We still feel pretty sad for her though, the girl grafted HARD.

Mike and Chris lock horns.

2. Mike and Chris almost have a punch up...

After Mike picks Olivia at the recoupling, Chris is throwing shade and he isn’t afraid to admit it. Both of them pretend they aren’t bothered, but the events suggest otherwise. More than once, their ego battles almost get physical.

Olivia pretends that she’s hating the attention, yet she successfully plays them both for a good few days. 

Sam and Montana see the lighter side of their situation.

3. Montana and Sam call it quits...

They might have been the leftovers, but the pair of them give things a good go.  

Montana really wants to like Sam, but his urgency is a bit of a turn off, poor lad.

They end things on good terms though, a conscious uncoupling if you will. We love them both, just not together.  

Amber showing Kem no love.

4. The honeymoon's over for Kem and Amber...

They might be falling for each other, but Love Island’s sweethearts are starting to get on each other’s nerves.

They bicker, and play games, both trying to get a reaction from the other.

Although, this does just sound like real-life couple behaviour… Is the pressure starting to get to them? 

Jess after being dumped from the Island.

5. The steadiest couple have to split...

In a shock elimination, Jess is voted off by her fellow Islanders and sent packing.

Dom’s like a little lost puppy, proper heartbroken. The pair of them were practically inseparable since day one.

They both vow to stay loyal, and reconnect on the outside… time will tell.

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