Camilla contemplates her uncertain future.

1. Camilla Jonny aren't really compatible...

This week we came to terms with a heartbreaking truth. Camilla and Jonny are not, in fact, on the same page.

 A casual discussion turned into a heated argument about feminism. Camilla didn't back down, and the pair’s moral differences couldn’t be overcome.

We’re proud of Cam for standing her ground and sticking it to the haters. We’re also a little mad at Jonny for his ignorant attitude.

2. Chris is a polar bear...

His analogy, not ours.

The reasoning behind this comparison is unclear.

There’s no doubt Chris thinks he’s a rare majestic creature though. And he can be a little frosty… Maybe that’s it.  

Olivia's on the warpath.

3. Olivia's a teeny bit crazy...

Liv caused a house-wide rift when she started bed-hopping.

Partner Sam insisted he wasn’t bothered by her desertion, but he clearly was.

Sam and Chris almost had a blow out over Olivia’s fickle feelings. And she refused to admit she was in the wrong.

Olivia wouldn’t listen to anyone who tried to reason with her. She lashed out at innocent bystanders Montana and Marcel, who were only trying to ease the tension. 

Jess and Dom cuddling up on the day bed.

4. Dom and Jess might actually be falling in love...

At first we weren’t sure if we could support this relationship, as Jess effectively “poached” Dom from Montana.

But now it seems Dom has eyes for nobody but Jess.

He doesn’t give too much away, but Dom’s clearly smitten. He even wrote Jess a poem for her birthday. Naw.

The couple shared a romantic night alone together too.

They’re shaping up to be the mummy and daddy of the household, with other contestants looking to them for advice. 

Kem's soppy eyes when he looks at Amber.

5. Kem's actually kind of a sweetie...

He might be the class clown, but Kem’s actually pretty soft and gooey.

It’s becoming clear that he genuinely cares about Amber.

Kem still wants to have a good time, but we reckon he won’t be wandering too far from Amber’s bed.

He even gave her an eternity bracelet to match his. It’s getting pretty serious. 

Mike, the new arrival.

6. The new guy has everyone on edge...

So just when everybody was getting comfortable, a new guy rolls in.

Mike is what the girls would call “well fit.” Flawlessly handsome, and seemingly kind. A rare combination.

The girls are all vying for his attention. And even the most secure guys are questioning their security in the villa.

Mike’s going to shake things up for sure. 

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