Chris and Olivia in the Love Island villa.

Love Island favourites Chris and Olivia have ended their relationship, after reports that she was sneaking around behind his back. 

When Love Island finished earlier this year, runners up Chris and Olivia were happier than ever.

After weeks of ups and down, they committed to each other, and said they were excited for the future. 

However, their love story was short-lived, and after months of relationship setbacks, they’ve called it quits. 

Neither Chris or Olivia is taking responsibility for the breakup. 

Some reports say that Chris ended it with Olivia, due to “a breakdown of trust.”  She was caught sending messages to her ex-boyfriends, behind Chris’s back.

Olivia had also been in contact with fellow Love Island contestant, Mike, whom she had a brief and controversial fling with on the show.

Olivia denies this though, insisting that Chris’s “inappropriate behaviour” was the real issue.

Friends say she stuck by him through public humiliation, believing his lies and turning a blind eye to his shenanigans. 

Over the weekend, Chris hinted that things were over, captioning an Instagram photo, “The closest people eventually let you down.” 

Now it seems there’s no going back. 

You can still stream the full season of Love Island right here.