Love Island host, Caroline Flack, at the Season 4 reunion.

1. Jack and Dani are stronger than ever.
The loved-up winners are looking at moving in together, and although it might not be in the near future, they’re pretty certain they’ll end up married too. 

2. If Megan hadn’t made a move, Wes and Laura would probably still be together.
But it worked out better for everyone in the end, Wes is thinking of moving to South End to be with Megan. 

3. Laura took Paul home to Scotland.
He wore a kilt and everything, and was a hit with Laura’s friends.   

4. Kaz and Josh are made for each other.
They’re not the slightest bit disappointed about finishing third, just happy to have found love. Kaz was worried Josh would be different outside the villa, but so far so good. Naw! 

5. New Jack and New Laura are exclusive.
They don’t want to put any girlfriend/boyfriend labels on it yet, but they’re pretty much together. 

6. Adam and Zara got matching tattoos.
They both got each other’s initials in permanent ink on their hands. That’s commitment. 

7. Charlie and Ellie might not be what they seem.
Despite Instagram appearances, and jetting off for a romantic holiday straight after the show – reports say that the couple had a HUGE row while backstage at the reunion. Things were so bad they went home in separate cars. 

8. Dr Alex is the new face of an STI campaign.
Since leaving the show, Alex been inundated with offers. He’s agreed promote safe sex in a marketing push for Public Health England. 

9. 25,000 have already applied for the next season.
Caroline Flack revealed the record-breaking tally in the show’s final moments. Bring on 2019! 

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