It's the hottest thing to come out of the UK this year, and it's not too late to dive in!

WARNING: this programme contains adult themes, and may be highy addictive.

  1. It’s the perfect guilty pleasure. 
    A group of fun-loving people, with no strings attached, are left to their own devices in a beautiful mansion, where they have no choice but to get close.
    It’s full of cheeky hook-ups and heartbreaks. The drama is sizzling, but the laughs are never far off. What more could you want?
  2. Everybody’s talking about it.
    If you’re wondering why it keeps popping up in your Facebook feed, it’s because the world is already obsessed with Love Island.
    If you don’t want to look like you’re out of the loop, we suggest you start watching NOW.
  3. It’s too easy to watch.
    You don’t have to concentrate too hard to follow what’s going on. You don’t have to be like “who’s that guy again?” and “why is she there?”
    Just sit back and watch it all unfold. Before you know it you'll be 12 episodes deep, wondering where the week has gone. 
  4. You can pretend you’re escaping the winter.
    Forget the miserable drizzle. With Love Island, you’re in a luxury villa on the coast of Spain.
    Relax in the sunshine or cool off in the pool. This is escapism at its absolute best.
  5. The one-liners are gold.
    The banter is always on point. The cast are a lively bunch, and they’re not afraid to say what’s on their minds.
    “Dip the carrot in some hummus,” or “I feel like I’m getting swallowed up in d**k sand,” and “yeah he's a good looking boy, but his personality's dogsh*t.” Go figure.
  6. The contestants are ALL beautiful.
    We don’t mean to be shallow, but seriously. A bit of eye candy never hurt anybody.
    On Love Island, you’re guaranteed a great view, because the dress code is basically swimwear all of the time.
  7. You can binge watch from the beginning.
    That’s right, season 3 is available from the beginning, right here on TVNZ OnDemand. New episodes are uploaded daily. Grab the snacks!
    The season will also be airing weeknights on TVNZ 2, from Monday 14 August onwards. 

We guarantee you’ll be sucked in, whether you want to or not. Don’t fight the attraction.