Love Island UK season 4 contestant, Eyal


The dress code. 

Yeah, they still wear swimsuits 99% of the time.

We can look past their beautifully, unnaturally perfect bodies and get to know them for who they are, but we can’t deny it’s a little distracting. 

The villa. 

The mansion in Mallorca has had a bit of a makeover, but it’s still basically the same.

Communal bedroom, massive sun deck, pops of primary colour all over the show.

You’ll feel right at home. 

The banter. 

Last year’s Islanders were responsible for giving us imaginative expressions like “grafting,” “muggy,” and “tuna melt,” which we all willingly adopted into our vocabulary. 

We’re expecting some new catch phrases to emerge this year too, because the new Islanders are literally bursting with bants and personality. 

The coupling ceremonies. 

Five minutes in, the contestants have to pair up based on first impressions.

Before the first episode is through, a recoupling is already on the horizon and it has everybody feeling antsy. 

The Flack. 

Hostess with the mostest, Caroline Flack returns to keep the Islanders on their toes.

Usually her arrival is followed by a bombshell.

The narrator.

Legendary voiceover artist Iain Sterling is back to give a running commentary of life in the villa.

It wouldn’t be the same without his dulcet tones and dad jokes. 

The prize. 

Although it’s pretty far off, the winning couple will win a whopping 50,000 pounds, which they can then choose to keep or split.

But what they’re really after isn’t cash, it’s a fairy tale ending, right? 

The addiction. 

We probably don’t need to warn you, but obviously you’ll become obsessed from the moment you hear the opening titles.

Love Island season 4 contestant, Laura


The format.

To keep things fresh, some slight changes have been made to the way things work.

The biggest difference so far being that there’s an uneven number of contestants straight away.

The first five couples face havoc and insecurity when an extra guy arrives. Then he has 24 hours to choose a girl, putting the other guys in grave danger. 

The contestants. 

Obviously there’s a whole new line-up of singles.

Some of the personalities seem familiar sure - the model, the nice guy, the floater - but they’re a fresh batch.

There are rumours circulating that some familiar faces from last year might drop by but… we mustn’t get out hopes up. 

The schedule. 

ITV have upped the dosage, so that there are new episodes available daily.

That’s right. Every. Single. Day. There’s nowhere to hide.

The duration. 

We’ve also received news that this season will be (even) longer than its predecessors.

“We are here for an extra week,” says Caroline. “And a week in Love Island relationships is like a year in real relationships, A LOT can happen.” 

The cliffhangers. 

The first episode ends with a MAJOR question mark, leaving us hanging, uncertain whose time is up.

Hopefully this won’t become a new trend, because to be completely honest it’s kind of stressful (like waiting for a text back from that person you're low-key really into but you're pretending not to be)… #feels

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