Marcel & Gabby

These guys are without a doubt the most solid couple so far.

Even three days apart, and a stampede of new girls and boys can’t shake them.

When they’re reunited in the villa, Marcel says, “It’s nice to be home. I can’t smile unless Gabby’s here.” This makes us smile too.

When Gabby’s confidence fails her, Dr. Marcel is there to give her the pep talk of all pep talks. He tells her how beautiful she is, says she’s perfect for him etc. Cue the uplifting piano music.

They’re obviously falling in love. Marcel tests it out, mumbling “I love you” but then covering it with a cough. Bless.

“I never knew I could feel like this about somebody so quickly,” Gabby says.  

Marcel comforting Gabby.

Kem & Amber

These two have been a little rocky since the start. They've had their ups and downs, but there’s no denying their feelings for each other.

They hurt each other, they play games, they even test the waters elsewhere. But they’re always drawn back together.

Kem puts together a little treasure hunt, leading to him asking Amber to be his girlfriend. It’s probably the most adorable thing we’ve seen all year. Not crying, just have *sniffle sniffle* something in my eye. 

I’m actually in love with you,” Kem says before collapsing into giggles.

“I think I am too,” says Amber. “It’s a big word, and it scares us both, but when you know you know.”

We’re happy for them. But we know it won’t necessarily be an easy road for these two pocket rockets.

Kem and Amber sharing their feelings in the confession room.

Montana & Alex

Everybody rejoice. Montana’s found somebody she actually likes. Finally.

At the recoupling, Montana followed her heart and chose Alex, and we couldn’t be happier.

They share a night together in the secret hideaway, effectively sealing the deal. Montana says later that she has “no regrets. It brings us closer together.” 

Alex is pretty smitten too, like an adorable little puppy. “I woke up this morning next to her, and I was like, I have WON.” Mon’s a pretty decent prize.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous, and you’ve got the personality and the traits to go with it.” Alex, STOP IT.

Montana thinks Alex is too good to be true.

Chris & Olivia

Okay so maybe they argue a lot, but you can't have love without passion, right?

Chris admits that maybe they don’t completely “get” each other, but he doesn’t care. He likes her just the way she is.

If anybody can handle Liv’s crazy, it’s probably cool Chris.

Here’s the closest they’ve got to the L word so far though:

Chris: I really like you.

Olivia: Just like?

Chris: No, REALLY like.

Olivia: I fancy you, BADLY.

Classic Chris and Liv.

The fact that Olivia slept in Chris’s boxers while he was gone definitely says something about her feelings for him though.

They’ve been through a lot, will they be able to keep growing together? 

Chris and Liv having a snuggle.

Jonny & Tyla

Jonny’s undeniably falling for Tyla. He gets particularly possessive when new boys arrive in the villa.

“I’m absolutely crazy about you. If you left, I’d go,” he confesses.

Tyla’s not quite as intense, admitting that Jonny’s great but she’s very picky. But there are definitely feelings there.

To be honest, we’re finding it a little hard to be happy for them. Everything is working out perfectly for Jonny and he doesn’t really deserve it.

They’re big on PDAs too, which is just a little cringey. Like, we get it guys, you’re a couple.

Jonny and Tyla discussing their future.

Camilla & Jamie

Okay so this romance it relatively new, and if we know Cam at all, there definitely won’t be a declaration of love any time soon.

BUT things are definitely looking up for her, and we're rejoicing. 

Camilla and Jamie have a lot in common. And more importantly he’s fit AND he's nice. A rare combination. Our lady deserves nothing less.

Will this be Jamilla 2.0? It’s one to watch, for sure. 

Camilla swooning over Jamie.

Dom & Jess

This week Dom went home to Jess, and any doubts about his true feelings have been swept away. 

He’s not bummed in the slightest about being dumped from the Island. In fact, he's uncharacteristically humble about it. 

“I came in here being optimistic about finding love, but never for a second did I think I’d find it. Never for a second did I think I’d find someone as special as Jess. I get to step aside, go home and see the girl I love.”

Naw. Fingers crossed Jess has stayed loyal on the outside.

Dom heading home a happy man.

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