Aggy – to annoy, or aggravate. If you’re being aggy, you’re getting on someone’s nerves.

Bare fit – fit means hot or attractive. So bare fit means really really, unquestionably attractive.

Blazing Squad – the name of the boy band contestant Marcel was part of (years ago). A conversation starter, innit. Bring it up when things are getting a little quiet in the villa. 

Marcel bringing up Blazing Squad for the billionth time.

Crack on – to continue to pursue something with someone, romantically. Usually a mutual understanding. E.g “I’m ready to crack on, if you’re happy to crack on.”

D**ksand - much like quicksand, this can be very dangerous. What girls sink into when they're wrapped up in a crush.  

Extra – OTT, a bit full on.

Geezer – a generic term for any male. Sometimes it’s an insult, other times a term of endearment.

Get his end away – without being too graphic… this means when a guy, shall we say, consummates the relationship.

Dom grafted his way into Jess's heart.

Grafting – so the medical term “graft” means a skin-to-skin transfer. In this instance, grafting isn’t all that different. Similar to flirting, it means to get close, try to impress, or test the waters with someone. 

The Ick – a negative, crawly feeling towards a member of the opposite sex.  If he’s giving you The Ick, you need to back away.

Visual representation of "The Ick."

Kick off – no, it’s nothing to do with rugby. Meaning to get started or get the ball rolling, romantically. E.g “tonight me and her is gonna kick off, no doubt.”

Melt/Melty – a derogatory word for a man with real-life feelings. Someone a little soppy, or unwilling to play the field.

Sam with his melty face on.

Muggy – If someone's being muggy to you, they're probably making you look like a fool.  “Mugged off” is also kind of a euphemism for being dumped.

On Paper - a way to describe someone who ticks all your boxes. E.g "he's my type, on paper."

Pied – like taking a metaphorical pie to the face, pied is similar to being mugged off or dumped.

Pranging out – to feel a sudden panic or anxiety. E.g when a new person enters the house and you’re not sure of your position anymore. 

Kem's definition of sticking it on.

Put it on/stick it on – similar to crack on (see above), it means to express your desire. “Putting it on” however, is a bit more one-sided.  E.g “he was putting it on me but I wasn’t really interested.” 

Salty – this one is not so black and white. It can be an attractive trait, where being salty makes you slick and cool. Or it can be bad. “She’s being so salty, is she mad at me?”

Snakey – pretty much the same as sneaky. In fact, it could just be a variation in accent that us Kiwis haven’t yet mastered. If you’re being snakey, you’re going behind someone’s back or not being entirely truthful. 

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