Chris receives life-changing news.

The Islanders are chilling by the pool, as they do, when Chris receives a cryptic text message.

The boys think they’re heading out for some male bonding time… which they are, sort of… 

Plot twist. It’s actually a mini break. For three days.

The boys are marooned in a new villa called Casa Amor (if you didn’t know, that directly translates to “House of Love”) *scoffs*.

And the show producers couldn’t just leave them there on their own, because that would be, well… boring. This is Love Island, not Lads Island, after all.

So in walks not one, but FIVE new girls. One for each, essentially. All as beautiful and mysterious as the next.

But they couldn’t leave our homegirls alone without any entertainment either. So back at the original villa, six new boys roll in. We can hardly keep up.

This is fantastic news for Montana, who still hasn’t found her Prince Charming. “Christmas has come early this year!” she says.

And Camilla, who’s recently had her heart broken, might just meet the gentleman she deserves.

However, it’s kind of inconvenient for Olivia and Amber.

Montana's excited by the new prospects.
Amber fears the worst.


Amber’s spewing because her and Kem were supposed to have a chat about their relationship status, but didn’t get a chance before he swanned off. 

Meanwhile Liv thinks that Chris doesn’t trust her, so he’s likely to play up as an act of revenge.

In an effort to remain front and centre of the boys’ attention, the girls put a little bit of themselves into Chris and Kem’s luggage. (By a little bit, we mean their underwear). 

However it's looking like Kem’s already starting to wander, thinking himself a free agent.

Probably the only proper trustworthy one is Marcel. Him and Gabby always look solid. 

What goes on tour stays on tour though... Will the boys stay loyal to their girls? 

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The boys on tour.