1. “Dip your carrot in the hummus.”
Kem and Chris have a language of their own. In this sort-of-graphic metaphor, the boys are the carrots and the girls are the hummus. Interpret as you will.

2.  “He’s a full-on tuna melt.”
So we know “melt” is an insult used throughout the whole series, to describe anyone who’s showing weakness. Theo takes it to a whole other level when he’s talking about Jonny though.

3. “Falling into his d**ksand.”
Olivia might be a little crazy, but she has a knack for poetic descriptions. This is her way of saying she’s being consumed by lust, or a crush.

4. “I’m like one of those Easters eggs that’s been fridged for too long. You can’t crack me.”
Chris compares himself to a lot of things, including chocolate. Suppose he is kind of delicious.  

5. “She thought it was ma leg, innit.” 
Evidence suggests Marcel is some kind of human tripod. Watch out Gabby!

6. “ I'm Hashtag looks, hashtag game, hashtag personality, hashtag everything.”
Chris again, always the humble one. 

7. “I’m a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets.” 
Okay so maybe Camilla didn’t invent this phrase, but we’re proud of her for busting it out.

8. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” 
Who knew Jonny was such a diva. 

9. "He’s 100% my type on paper.” 
Amber, about literally every new boy that walks through the door. Girl's got a lot of paper. 

10.  “Keep your tongue to yourself.” 
Spoiler alert, Montana never really liked Sam, especially not when he was putting it on her. 

11. “Do you want me to rap a bit to lighten the mood?” 
Chris’s solution for easing tension in the villa. Bless him. 

12. “I am the F**kboy Whisperer.” 
Olivia’s new title, now that she’s tamed Chris. All hail. 

13. “I look at those freckles every day, and I see a new one, and it becomes my friend.”  
Chris’s unique and slightly adorable way of telling Liv he loves her just the way she is. 

14. “Do you remember the band Blazin’ Squad?”
Last but not least. In case you didn’t hear, Marcel was a star long before Love Island.