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  • Love Island Recap - The Most Awkward Moments from Week 1

    We’re well acquainted with the Love Island villa and its inhabitants now. Here’s some highlights from the first week.

    1. When the first guy walked in and none of the girls stepped forward... 

    None of them were interested. The silence was deafening. Poor Marcel. 

    2. The couples' first attempts at small talk... 

    For a group of people who've undeniably got game, this was a serious fail. Pick up lines include "you've got a good set of gnashers there..." and "do you look any good without make-up on?" Cringe.

    3. Every time Marcel mentioned his past music career... 

    (It was A LOT of times). Mate, nobody cares that you were in a boy band. He acted like he wanted to keep it a secret. But then he brought it up literally every chance he got. "So like, it's funny coz I was in Blazing Squad, innit."

    4. When Jess poached the one guy who was actually happy...

    She pretended she was dreading be labeled the b!@#h, but actually she loved it. Montana and Dom were pretty into each other, before Jess used her power (and her charms) to steal him away. 

    5. When Montana marked her territory...

    She made it clear that Dom was still hers, planting a juicy kiss on him in front of everyone. But then Dom jumped ship and chose Jess anyway. He said his date with her was “a gamechanger.” We were hoping for a girl fight. Instead we think Montana will just quietly plot her revenge. 

    6. Then Dom lost the challenge and was well pissed-off...

    The girls had to feel the boys’ bodies without looking, and vote for their favourites. Safe to say Dom did not come out on top this time. Karma? 

    7. Kem and Amber had the season's first row...

    One minute they were having a laugh, then Kem threw a pillow at Amber’s face. She lost it and stormed out, leaving him devo at having ruined his chances. His happy dance when they made up though, worth it.  

    8. Nice girl Camilla made the hardest decision of all...

    Why her?! She's so innocent. Cam chose to couple up with new arrival, Jonny, thus sending Harley home. She was pretty cut up about it. “Harley and I have breakfast together every morning. We both like porridge. It’s the little things…” The worst part though was probably the divorce of the bromance between Harley and Marcel. They were strongest couple so far.

    Marcel when he realised nobody cares about Blazing Squad.
    Jess eyeing up her prey.
    Montana, a woman scorned.
    Kem was just trying to play nice.
    Camilla crying into her porridge.