1. She doesn’t talk about herself unless she’s asked.
  2. She always sticks up for the other girls if they’re being mistreated. AND she’s on their side even when they’re being crazy.
  3. All the other girls ADORE her and genuinely want her to find love.
  4. She never points the finger when things don’t go her way. “These things happen,” is her mantra.
  5. She always sees the best in people. Everyone is “innocent until proven guilty.”
  6. She never loses her cool, she’s understanding even when people wrong her.
  7. She puts other people’s happiness ahead of her own.
  8. Her moral compass is faultless. She believes in equality and a fighting chance for women.
  9. She’s so humble. She argues when people tell her how amazing she is.
  10. She doesn’t like people to see her cry. (Not because she looks ugly or anything, but because she doesn’t want her sadness to hurt other people.)
  11. She never raises her voice or seeks attention.
  12. She literally puts herself in danger for a living. Her job description is “explosive ordinance disposal”. (AKA she goes to war-torn countries and removes the bombs so civilians don’t get hurt.)
  13. She’s “not that kind of girl.” Kissing is a BIG deal for her.
  14. She’s happy in her own skin. “I’m never going to be a six foot model, and that’s okay.”
  15. She knows her worth though. “I don’t want someone to stay with me because they feel guilty. I would much rather be their first choice.”
  16. She blushes when she has to say words like “doggy.”
  17. She once dated Prince Harry. When asked directly about it, she says “a lady never tells.” Cam obviously likes a cultured gentleman.
  18. She takes herself seriously. “When you have feelings, it’s not a game anymore.”
  19. But she knows how to let her hair down. “Cam after a few glasses of wine makes VERY different decisions.”
  20. She’s a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. Her words, not ours…
  21. She stays true to herself. Always. “That’s the best you can do in this situation.”