Spoiler alert. Watch the Love Island UK finale right here

Love Island 2018 winners, Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham

After eight weeks in Mallorca’s isolated Love Island villa, the 2018 winners have been crowned. 

The nation voted, and the results revealed fan-favourites Jack and Dani as the winners. 

It seems they were both in it for the right reasons too. Jack received the envelope containing the £50,000 prize, and didn’t hesitate to share it with Dani. 

It's a nice little sum for the couple to start their lives together, and they’re planning on moving in together as soon as they get a chance. 

Jack and Dani coupled up on Day One, and have been the golden couple ever since. They overcame the friend zone, the arrival of Jack’s ex, and numerous other distractions, remaining solid throughout. 

Dani’s father (UK actor Danny Dyer), publicly gave Jack his blessing. “I approve of you mate, I think you’re absolutely bang on. It’s a beautiful thing, you know what I mean?” 

Jack said that his favourite moment on the show was telling Dani that he loved her. Dani described the Love Island experience as a “beautiful summer.” 

Fans are calling for a #Jani spinoff, so it seems we’ll be seeing plenty more of the lovebirds in the near future! 

Stream the full season of Love Island 2018 right here.