The Love Island contestants like to dress for success

What is it?

Love Island is a reality show, where a bunch of beautiful singles leave their ordinary lives behind.

To win the game, they have to couple up, in the hope of finding true love and a shot at the £50,000 ($87,000NZD) prize.

The show is hosted by model/presenter Caroline Flack.

How does it work?

The “Islanders” live in isolation, with only one another for company.

They couple up on the first day, based on first impressions. Over the course of the season, Islanders recouple at regular intervals.

The twist though, is that the numbers aren’t even… So there’s always going to be one person left single.

Single Islanders are “dumped” and sent home, some are voted off by their fellow islanders and some for receiving the fewest votes in the viewer vote. In short, it’s ruthless.

Islanders also have to take part in games and challenges. The winners get prizes that will help them stay on the island, sometimes in the form of dates. Naturally the producers can changes to the rules as the programme develops to keep things spicy!

Where is it?

“Love Island” isn’t actually an island, but a luxury villa, located somewhere on the coast of Majorca, Spain. It’s practically a resort. The house boasts sea views, an infinity pool and a hot tub.

A party house without a doubt. The dress code is: as little clothing as possible. Togs, mostly. The bedrooms are communal though… and decked out with lots of cameras, so little is left to the imagination.

Who are the contestants?

The “Islanders” are a colourful mash up of UK singles. They’re ALL model material. They look as though they’ve just stepped out of their local beauty salon.  Most of them like to party, and aren’t at all camera shy.

How can I watch it?

New episodes of Love Island are available at 12pm daily on TVNZ OnDemand. You can jump in and watch the new season from the start, any time!

Season 3 is also coming to TVNZ 2 at 9pm every week night from Monday 14 August.

Once you start watching you won’t be able to stop – so dive in!