“I am hard to handle at times but when I am in love I will do anything to make that person happy.”


Tayla represented WA as a finalist for Miss Universe 2015. Family is important to her – they have to approve of who she brings home. She is also an amateur boxer.

Dating status

Has been single for one year. She has pulled away from the dating scene as she doesn’t trust men anymore. Her last relationship ended after two years. She admits that she lost part of herself in that relationship.

Looking for

Must be taller than her. She usually goes for guys with blue eyes and blonde hair. Hates clingy guys. Wants a guy with a stable job, who is driven and family orientated.

Motivation for going on Love Island Australia

Tayla wants to find a guy who wants to get to know her for who she really is with no preconceived ideas formed through an Instagram filter.