“I’m not the one night stand guy anymore.”


Charlie is one of eight children (five brothers, two sisters). He plays the guitar and can sing. Remains unbeaten in an ‘eyeoff’ contest. Has represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games

Dating status

He has been single for a year and a half and his longest relationship was five months. Charlie says he was loyal, fun, very immature and adventurous. He’s definitely now more wary in his dating life, and tends to find out more about them, uncover their home truths before he allows himself to fall.

Looking for

A girl that he’d be proud to take home to his mum. Blonde or brunette, prefers at least a C cup, above 5ft, blue or green eyes. Athletic/sporty, intelligent, someone who will laugh at his jokes.

Motivation for going on Love Island Australia

He wants to go on Love Island Australia to solely focus on love instead of focusing so much on his rugby career.