Keeping the Islanders constantly on their toes, Sophie will appear in the villa throughout the series to deliver shock announcements and surprise twists that are guaranteed to test relationships.

What excites you most about hosting Love Island?

Being in Mallorca in summer surrounded by the most beautiful people you’ve ever seen, and watching other people fall in love for a change will be nice. 

The show’s going to make viewers want to fall in love. I already know it’s going to be one of those shows I’ll be obsessed about.

Love Island has been a worldwide phenomenon – why do you think it’s so successful?

Everything about Love Island is so fresh… the music, the funny narrator and the jeopardy at the end. 

Having money involved where you find out if that couple is actually in love or if the viewers have been played is great television.

What love/life lessons do you think these Islanders will learn while in the villa?

I think because being in Love Island will be so consuming, they will be in the bubble where nothing else matters and everything is about love and hooking up, so they will learn so much about  themselves in such a quick amount of time.

Do you think age and experience helps when looking for love?

No, I don’t reckon it makes a difference. When it comes to finding a partner, I love that the Islanders aren’t bitter or burnt from relationships and there’s a bit of innocence.

Any tips for any of the Love Islanders that are looking for love?

Just be yourself and genuine… and just enjoy finding love in such a beautiful environment and have a Spanish adventure of a lifetime.