Love Island Australia host Sophie Monk

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the final of Love Island Australia. Catch up on the latest episodes here.

The final episode of Love Island Australia brought back some of our favourite Islanders, Mac and Teddy, Millie and Mark, and Dom and Shelby. 

They watched on as Josh and Amelia, Grant and Tayla, and Eden and Erin nervously waited to hear Australia’s verdict from host Sophie Monk. 

In the end, there were three genuine couples in the final and while we all waited for the decision, they declared their feelings for each other and watched a recap of their relationships so far.

New couple Josh and Amelia were eliminated first, but both said they felt like winners leaving the villa with each other. Awwwww!

So it all came down to this – were the viewers Team Eden and Erin or Team Grant and Tayla? 

The two couples had seen a lot of drama in the last week in the villa, with Eden and Grant almost coming to blows.

Sophie chats to runners-up Eden and Erin

Grant tried to bury the hatchet, but Eden said he could never be friends with Grant after everything that happened between them.

Meanwhile, it had been love at first sight for Eden and Erin. When Eden walked in, he only had eyes for Erin and the feeling was mutual.

The only couple to stay together from day one, they seemed to be the hot favourites to win the title and the money.

But everybody loves an underdog story…

Grant and Tayla had a rocky start on Love Island Australia. Grant began his time in the villa with Cassidy and, let’s face it, did some pretty shady things to leave her and start a relationship with Tayla. 

But they have only been getting stronger since then. They had a bit of a speed bump when Cassidy decided to stir the pot and re-couple with Grant, just to show them how being blindsided felt.

Cassidy didn’t win many fans for the move, but it seems Grant and Tayla did and they fell deeper in love over the course of filming. 

Grant and Tayla react to winning Love Island Australia

Finally, Australia's decision was revealed and Grant and Tayla were crowned the winners of the first season of Love Island Australia!

It must be true love, because Tayla chose to share the prize money of $50,000 with her tradie boyfriend.

But with Tayla hailing from Perth and electrician Grant based in Canberra, will their love story continue?

“We’re going to use the money to move to Sydney together,” Tayla told Now To Love Australia.

“It seems like the logical move. So we’ll start looking for apartments and getting sorted to start our new life together.”

Congratulations Grant and Tayla and we hope you have a very 'non-Crapp' future together!