Millie does not hold back in the Villa

Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for episode 11 of Love Island Australia. Watch the latest episodes here.

In the latest episode of Love Island Australia, the brutally-honest Millie was totally done with Elias and his womanising ways. 

The pair spent an innocent night together in the hideaway, but the next day Elias was already talking about girls he might look up when he gets back home to Australia.

Millie wasn’t going to stand for that. So she let rip.

“Who don’t you bloody like in Australia? I’m so confused. Don’t come in here and waste my time,” she said to Elias. “It’s not a joke, it’s my emotions.”

When he called her immature, she had the perfect comeback. “Immaturity is thinking you’re god’s gift to women and you’re not.” 

But this isn’t the first time Millie has spoken her mind. She is super sassy and clearly no-one is safe.

On John James

 “Hanging out with John is like eating dry Weetbix. It just doesn’t feel good. It’s dry, it doesn’t go down well and I’m wheat intolerant so it’s giving me the s**ts now.” 

On Grant and Josh

“They had their aprons on and their butts poking out. It almost turned me off my food completely.”

On Francoise liking Elias

“She ran at him like he was the last piece of chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken and she was really drunk. That’s how fast she ran at him.” 

Millie's impression of Elias having a conversation

On Elias

“Francoise can have that. See ya later. Now I wouldn’t touch Elias with a 10 foot pole.”

On talking to Charlie

“I can’t get that 10 minutes back. It could have been 10 minutes I was telling someone else they were hot.” 

On Eden winning best body in the villa

“The fact that Eden won is just not good for the whole Villa. His head is already so big.”

On Grant

“My advice to Tayla would be, ‘don’t touch him with a 10 foot pole’. Even if there’s like cling wrap around the pole and a condom at the end, still don’t touch him with it.”

On Erin

“I couldn’t give a s**t what Erin thinks about me. Honestly I would give a s**t more what the cat that walks around the Villa thinks about me.”

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