Jaxon reacts to the latest re-coupling

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for episode 17 of Love Island Australia. Watch the most recent episodes right here.

After several days of uncertainty with her partner Dom, Cassidy came out swinging at the re-coupling this week, separating one of the villas most loved-up couples.

It all started when her ‘ex’ Grant, who dumped her in week one for Tayla, started causing trouble between Cassidy and her new man Dom. 

Dom had been uncertain about staying with Cassidy, not wanting to give her false hope and get her invested too quickly.

Then when Cassidy saw Dom chatting up Millie in the pool, she felt like it was déjà vu and she was about to get dumped all over again.

The following day Grant took it upon himself to tell Dom that Cassidy was upset about his late-night swim with Millie. Dom decided he had to tell Cassidy that they could never be more than friends.

Throwing himself into the fray, Eden told Cassidy that it was Grant that was stirring up trouble for her and Dom.

Tayla and Grant are understandably upset while Cassidy is unfazed

After a confrontation with Grant and then another with Millie, Cassidy was feeling alone on the island with few choices of allies apart from current bestie Erin.

This leads us to the recoupling, where Cassidy made a completely bonkers call to couple up with Grant – the ex she can’t stand to be in the same room with. 

She said it was to prove to him that she is there for the right reasons. But is separating one of the villas happiest couples a good way to prove you’re not playing the game?

What happened to #girlcode?

We think things are just about to kick off in Mallorca!

Watch the latest episodes of Love Island Australia right here