Well, this wasn't awkward at all... Cassidy was forced to sit next to Grant and his new partner Tayla.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Love Island Australia. Watch the latest episodes right here.

After a week of romantic ups and downs for Grant and Cassidy, Tayla finally made her move. 

Choosing Grant, Tayla left Cassidy distraught but now ready to move on from the lying tradie. “I can’t stand lies and dishonesty and I think at this point you two must be perfect for each other,” Cassidy told Tayla.

But is it just a case of wanting what you can’t have for the new couple? Only time will tell.

Cassidy then had no choice but to pair up with new boy Elias, though breaking down in tears afterwards probably didn’t do much for his self-esteem.

Other new boy John James was then snapped up by Kim, who has previously shown very little interest in anyone in the villa.

In less surprising news Erin chose Eden, cementing their status as the strongest couple after Eden confessed he would leave the house to be with her if she was eliminated.

On the other hand, Erin's bestie Tash had decided she'd be better off dating the villa cat instead of one of the boys. But when it came down to it, she chose Josh, breaking her pact with Charlie and leaving him in danger of going home. 

Millie struggled with her choice at the recoupling

Millie, who had been ‘in a pickle’ over whether she liked Elias or John James more, was forced to be the executioner in this tale. 

She had to choose between her current partner Justin and rugby player Charlie, who she had dated before coming on the show.

During the week more than one girl had told Charlie that he lacked maturity, so it wasn’t a huge shock that Millie chose to stay in her current coupling. 

Millie said she “felt sick making the decision”. Personally we’re just happy former Kangatarian Justin will still be around to share more of his hilarious personality and good looks with the world. 

Now was the time for Charlie to exit gracefully and prove how mature he really was. But he ruined that chance when he instead decided to blame all the girls in the house for his early departure.

“If I was in a bar I wouldn’t even approach these girls,” Charlie told the cameras after his eviction. “I just don’t wanna leave this place but unfortunately I was stuck with the wrong girls.”

Classy Charlie, real classy.