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Buying a house can be a tricky business, especially in England! Property experts Phil and Kirstie help out some lucky locals in their quest to find their dream home.

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    Wednesday 10 Apr
    • Season 21, Episode 1

    G Kirstie and Phil start a new series with a trip to Greater Manchester to help two couples land their dream property in a complex housing market.

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      • Season 20B, Episode 7
      • 6 days left to view

      G Phil is in the West Midlands and Hertfordshire, catching up with two young couples - childhood sweethearts Rich and Bethan, and Laura and Ben, who moved from Bristol to Birmingham.

      • Season 20B, Episode 6
      • 5 days left to view

      G Phil catches up with Charlie and Hayley in Leeds and Nicki and Rob in south east London. What's new with the two couples and what happened next with their property searches?

      • Season 20B, Episode 5
      • 2 days left to view

      G Kirstie and Phil revisit Lia and Andrew, who were hunting in London in 2014, and Sue and Allan, whose 2015 search covered a wide swathe of Surrey and Hampshire.

      • Season 20B, Episode 4
      • 1 day left to view

      G Kirstie and Phil help two single parents looking to bring their families together, as well as a family stuck in a rental rut.

      • Season 20B, Episode 3
      • 6 hours left to view

      G Kirstie helps a couple with their property market shellshock, while Phil visits the Wye Valley.

      • Season 21, Episode 9

      G Phil revisits two first-time London buyers. Claire was looking for a wheelchair-accessible flat on the South Bank, and Jen had high expectations south of the river.

      • Season 21, Episode 8

      G Phil catches up with Lauren and Paul in Hertfordshire - who previously struggled to find a house they both liked. There's also a return visit to Dave and Kerrie in Somerset.

      • Season 21, Episode 7

      G Phil catches up with two couples who struggled to find a place despite numerous viewings. Anna and Mikey wanted a tenement flat in Glasgow while Hemani and Nigel were thinking big in Surrey.

      • Season 21, Episode 6

      G Kirstie is in Leicester looking for a home that's also a good investment. In Northants, Phil seeks a place big enough for a new family and a goat.

      • Season 21, Episode 5

      G Kirstie and Phil search the capital and nearby, seeking properties for two families feeling the pinch in their cramped London flats.

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