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Loading Docs – Blood Sugar

Four-year-old Dahlia takes us into her bittersweet world of blood, needles and sugar.


Loading Docs Episodes

    Water for Gold tells the alarming story of how international trade law is leading us to trade our most basic rights to clean, safe water for access to gold.

    As one of the original colourists for Whites Aviation in the 1950s, Grace Rawson reminisces and revives the forgotten art of hand-tinted photography for the first time in over fifty years.

    Ten years on, Regina Tito looks back at her life on the streets and delivers an image society desperately needs to see.

    Best mates must re-calibrate their friendship when one transitions from a man to a woman.

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    Do today's young people have a right to be angry about the world they've inherited? Two schoolboys use poetry and a selfie stick to confront the problems facing the world.

    When New Zealand gave two young Chinese refugees citizenship in the 1940s they found an unlikely way to return the gift - by saving the almighty kumara.

    Knight-in-waiting Martainn must battle his inner demons if he is to rise to the occasion and lead the mighty Steel Thorns in his beloved sport of full contact medieval combat.

    Four-year-old Dahlia takes us into her bittersweet world of blood, needles and sugar.

    An unlikely master of the traditional Polynesian art of Tatatau, Englishman Croc Coulter must pass on his knowledge to a new apprentice.