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Loading Docs – Conversations With Pets

Imagine if you could have a conversation with your pet; Faye Rogers can.

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Conversations With Pets
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      At the age of fourteen, Tihei Harawira found his own unique way to connect with others - through freestyle rapping.

      A group of cave dwellers beaver away night and day to create an immersive fantasyland, but is it really for the children?

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      Dancer Peter Vosper sheds light on what happens at his favourite haunt, No Lights No Lycra, when a hundred closet exhibitionists let loose in the dark.

      Imagine if you could have a conversation with your pet; Faye Rogers can.

      Cultural icon and cinematic relic The Crystal Palace fights to hold off the final curtain call.

      A woman suffering an extreme genetic disorder argues for her right to choose when and how she dies.

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