The Pemberton family.

1. It’s like 800 Words, but turned up to 11

Mal Pemberton moves his wife and their two teenage children from rainy Northern England to sunny Florida. 

The cultural clash is extreme with this comparatively quiet English family coming up against a trailer park full of red neck Americans and the odd crocodile.

2. The colourful characters

The Pembertons meet many interesting characters, but none more so than RV park resident Aiden and his multi-coloured ensembles.

He’s a dapper Southern gentleman who becomes the Pembertons first ally and is rarely seen without a bow-tie and a hat.

3. It’s a lighter role for Philip Glenister 

Glenister is known for his dark, action-filled roles. You might remember him as DCI Gene Hunt in the crime dramas Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes or from the second season of Prey.

This time there’s no crime (except maybe a couple of crimes against fashion) and he finally gets to dabble in comedy. We think it suits him very well!

4. It’s one for the whole family

If you're looking for a comedy drama you can sit down and watch with the whole family, this is definitely it!

RV park resident Aiden.

Glenister has said he was looking for a show that wouldn’t ‘offend anybody’ after playing an abusive priest on the US series Outcast.

5. It’s a playful jab at America

It can feel pretty satisfying to have a laugh at America’s expense! Living the Dream pokes fun at their larger-than-life characters and unusual habits.

6. It’s a slice of never-ending summer

As the weather cools down in New Zealand, we can still enjoy the blue skies and warmer climes of Florida from the comfort of our own homes. 

7. The full season will be available to stream

There will be no waiting around for the next episode - You can watch it all here from midday on Sunday 1 April!

8. It’s already been renewed for a second season

Season two is due to start filming in the Northern Hemisphere spring. So there will be more of the Pembertons story to come if you feel like six episodes just isn’t enough.