The Big Bang Theory star, Johnny Galecki.

You’ll probably recognise him as Leonard Hofstadter, lovably geeky physicist in the ever-popular Big Bang Theory

But in real life, Johnny Galecki is a man of many talents. 

He’s taking his skills behind the camera this year - in a project far from Leonard’s scientific mind, but close to Galecki’s heart. 

He’s working as an Executive Producer on the new religious sitcom, Living Biblically

The new comedy follows Chip Curry, a man who decides to try and live strictly by the Bible, no easy feat in the modern world. 

A show about faith and religion is something Galecki’s always wanted to do. He says that the demographic is underrepresented on TV, and he hopes to inspire conversation.

“Comedy is the best way to approach a topic that people may be uncomfortable with.”

There was early speculation from critics that the show would be sarcastic and distasteful. Admittedly disheartened, Galecki was soon uplifted by the positive reactions from the studio audience.

He’s convinced that Living Biblically is “a cool take on something a lot of people base their lives around.”  

The show creators worked with various consultants, to make sure the scripts were accurate and respectful.

Going forward, Galecki hopes that the lighthearted approach will ring true, for believers and sceptics alike. 

Living Biblically starts Tuesday 27 February at 9pm, same day as the U.S on TVNZ OnDemand.