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Join Blythe Baxter in her adventures after she discovers she can talk to animals!

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    Season 3, Episode 26

    G Part 2 of 2: When the outdoor venue for the Pet Fest venue falls through, Blythe only has only mere hours to relocate the entire event.

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      G Vinnie and Sunil are challenged by Russell to entertain Mr. VonFuzzlebut, a new day camper. Meanwhile, Fisher Biskit tries to discover the secret behind Littlest Pet Shop's recent success.

      G After sighting what they believe to be a UFO, the pets become convinced that Downtown City is being invaded by aliens.

      G Blythe fills in for the assistant to the demanding Tres Blase magazine editor, Mona Autumn.

      G Russell is determined to put a stop to a secret pet "cupid", but ends up under her spell instead while Blythe tries to sort through her feelings for Josh Sharp.

      G Largest Ever Pet Shop is experiencing a raft of shoplifting, and some of the merchandise mysteriously shows up at Littlest Pet shop, making Blythe appear to be the prime suspect!

      G Word gets out to the Downtown City pet population that Blythe can understand them and one morning the pet shop is full of pets coming to ask her for advice.

      G Penny Ling is excited to meet Mrs. Twombly's friend - the host of her favourite TV nature show, Tess Gregory. But the famous zoologist is mysteriously less-than-thrilled to meet Penny Ling... and Blythe and the pets are determined to figure out why.

      G Blythe has to help convince the Biskits to keep a set of twin chinchillas they got just for one day, while Sunil tries to prove to Minka that he can paint as well as she can.

      G When Brittany gets a higher grade on a test, she shuns Whittany and starts hanging out with Blythe and the other "smart kids."

      G The pets take a visiting goldfish on a wild ride under the city while Blythe spies on Josh Sharp at his new job.

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