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Life Flight

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  • Life Flight Episodes

      • Shin Dig

      PGR Season Final: Life Flight respond to a young woman badly injured and in shock in a remote regional park. And the alarm is raised for the victim of a horrific sports injury.

      • Gabi Horse

      PGR The team are on a rescue mission to reach a man whose heart has stopped beating; and a young mother tries her best to be brave for her daughter in her hour of need.

      • Camper Chaos

      PGR A man is severely burnt in a house fire attempting to save a child's life. Then, the Life Flight team respond to a tourist's worst nightmare.

      • Cowboy Kingi

      PGR A traumatic horse riding accident on a remote farm has loved ones in shock; and a slaughter house foremans moment of madness has the Life Flight Air Ambulance team airborne.

      • Truck

      PGR A farmer's chainsaw accident has the Life Flight team responding to a remote location. The team undertakes a mercy dash for young child at risk of heart failure.

      • Joust

      PGR Life Flight are alerted to a badly injured knight in a medieval jousting competition and the Air Ambulance is on a mercy dash for a young child with a tumour.

      • Life Flight

      PGR Time is critical in reaching a motor crash victim fighting for his life, the Air Ambulance team are on a mercy dash for a young mother fearing the worst, and sharks are spotted near an overturned boat.

      • Eagle Eyed Nigel

      G The search is on for a missing jet skier lost at sea, the Life Flight Air Ambulance is on a mission to help a badly burnt toddler and time is critical for a Status 1 patient being flown to hospital.

      • The Bends

      PGR Life Flight are in a race against time to save a diver out of air 50 metres below the surface, a winch rescue is attempted in fading light.

      • Mackenzie

      G Life Flight follows the inspirational men and women who crew and operate the 24/7 emergency air service in some of the most challenging flying conditions in the world.