Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew Earlham

Note: The following article contains spoilers for the final episode of Liar. Watch the episode here before reading on.

Liar finished its first season with Laura finally finding the proof she needed to put Andrew in prison. But just at the crucial moment, Andrew disappeared.

We weren’t left wondering for long though, with a shot of Andrew’s dead body floating in the marshes closing off the episode. 

But we still have one question left unanswered: Who killed Andrew Earlham? 

Liar has been confirmed for a second season, which writers Harry and Jack Williams have said will be a “classic whodunnit” story. 

So who did it? Here is our list of suspects:

Joanne Froggatt as Laura Nielson

Laura Nielson

Laura spent months trying to find enough evidence to put Andrew in jail and certainly has a motive for revenge. 

She was also not afraid of taking action, including drugging Andrew and tying him up near the very same marshes where his body was seen floating at the end of the episode. 

But would Laura kill Andrew just as he was about to be made to answer for his crimes? Something here doesn’t quite add up.

Shelley Conn as Vanessa

DI Vanessa Harmon

As one of the detectives on the Andrew Earlham case, Vanessa had also worked for months to put Andrew behind bars.

But did a lack of evidence lead her to a desperate action?

There is also the matter of Vanessa’s mysterious disappearance around the time Laura found the crucial evidence in Andrew’s mother's shed.

Laura called Vanessa, but only got her voicemail. 

Where was she at this crucial time? We’re definitely suspicious. 

Jill Halfpenny as Jennifer


When polled in the UK, most Liar viewers felt that Vanessa’s soldier partner Jennifer was the most likely suspect and we can see why.

When Jennifer returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, she blamed herself for not being there to protect Vanessa. 

The failure of the operation to catch Andrew infuriated Jennifer as she watched Vanessa’s rapist walk free. Did she decide this wasn’t good enough?

Something tells us Jennifer will be a person of interest in season two. 


Zoe Tapper as Katy

Katy Sutcliffe

Laura’s sister was not in a good place at the end of season one.

Katy was living alone after her affair with Tom was revealed and her husband Liam wasn’t listening to her tearful pleas. 

After stealing Andrew’s phone from his locker for Laura she told her sister she would do anything for her.

Does that include murder?


Warren Brown as Tom

Tom Bailey

Like Katy, Tom is alone at the end of the series, but he also lost his job and he believes it is all thanks to Andrew Earlham.

We're guessing his questionable choices had something to do with it too. 

Tom proved that he would go outside the law to help his ex-girlfriend Laura and says he wished he’d “smashed his face in” for what he did to her. 

Was Tom out for revenge? 


Jamie Flatters as Luke

Luke Earlham

One of the last times we saw Luke and his dad together, Andrew asked him to lie to the police about his whereabouts.

Add this to the bullying Luke had to endure after the allegations against his father came out and you have one confused and angry teenager.

Did Luke realise that his father was lying and confront him? Did he find out the truth behind his mother’s death as well?

If so, we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Andrew’s lies sent Luke over the edge.


Kieran Bew as Ian


Ok this is a bit of a long shot, but just bear with us on this one for a moment.

Ian is Laura’s new man, who she met in an airport hotel bar when her flight was delayed in Edinburgh. 

We know that he has heard the full story from Laura and that he knows what Andrew looks like after seeing him in the local pub. 

We also know very little about Ian. So is Laura’s new man capable of murder? We’ll have to wait for season 2 to find out.  

Watch the full season of Liar here.