Joanne Froggatt plays English teacher Laura

1. It’s made by the creators of The Missing

Liar writers Jack and Harry Williams are also responsible for The Missing and Rellik. The brothers are masters of their craft and don’t underestimate their audience. There are no heavy-handed or gratuitous scenes here.

2. Joanne Froggatt excels as teacher Laura

Froggatt is probably best known for her role in the period drama Downton Abbey, but she shines in Liar’s modern setting while also tackling an incredibly tough subject. That’s an A+ from us!

3. Nothing is black and white

The success of Liar comes down to the characters of Laura and Andrew and how easy it is to believe that either one of them could be lying. Revelations from their pasts only make things less clear.

4. Broadchurch had towering cliffs, Liar has marshes

The complex web of marshes that Laura is seen kayaking through in the first episode become iconic to the series and pop up again throughout the episodes. Not only do they look pretty cool, but they seem to become a visual metaphor for the secrets and lies that surround the characters.

Are they just marshes or do they also represent a tangled web of lies?

5. It’s set in a small town where everyone seems to know everyone else

After accusing Andrew of rape, how can Laura continue teaching his son Luke? How can Laura’s sister Katy work alongside Andrew? The connections between the characters create some intense and emotional moments.

6. The truth is revealed, but not when or how you expect

No spoilers here... All we will say is when the liar is revealed, you will be satisfied to know the truth. But it might not go down exactly how you thought it would. Intrigued?

7. Serious turn for Mr Selfridge star

Laura’s sister Katy is played superbly by Zoe Tapper, who you might remember as Ellen Love in Mr Selfridge. This is a much more serious role then the exuberant Ellen and her character has a shocking secret that could tear her family apart. There’s definitely more to Katy than meets the eye.

8. You can’t trust anyone

You can’t even trust those closest to you. Well, not in Liar anyway. From the beginning it is clear that everyone has their own agenda. Sure, it would be a nightmare in real life, but it makes for brilliant drama.

Mr Selfridge actor Zoe Tapper plays Laura's sister Katy

9. It’s half mystery, half thriller

The mystery of who is telling the truth really hooks you in and Liar does an incredible job of making both sides look equally plausible. But it’s more than just a mystery. There are also intense moments of suspense which will have you on the edge of your seat.

10. Lastly, and most importantly, it will make you question everything

It is first and foremost a drama. But like all great dramas it asks questions about the society we live in. Liar is guaranteed to start conversations and that can only be a good thing.

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