Seann William Scott and Damon Wayans as Cole and Murtaugh

The action drama series has a new lethal weapon! American Pie actor Seann William Scott replaces Clayne Crawford’s Martin Riggs in the new season as war veteran and father Wesley Cole. 

When Riggs was shot in the season 2 finale, his fate was left up in the air. But when season 3 opens, Roger Murtaugh is struggling with the death of his partner. 

“Murtaugh is mourning the death of his friend, so he’s not that happy, silly Murtaugh,” says Damon Wayans, who plays the good cop of Lethal Weapon.

Cole is the person who pulls Murtaugh out of “that dark place” he’s been in since Riggs’ death.

Wayans told the Hollywood Reporter that filming the new series was “definitely a lot lighter in tone”, after Crawford was fired from the show for inappropriate and violent behaviour on set. "We're having fun - on and off set."

Though Cole is the new ‘lethal weapon’ of the series, replacing the volatile Riggs, they are very different characters.

Seann William Scott as Wesley Cole

“He is the opposite to Riggs who had a lot of anger and a lot of angst, who is looking to go in and maybe shoot all the bad guys,” showrunner Matt Miller told Deadline.

“This is a guy who is looking to go into a situation with the bad guys and say, ‘ok, guys we can talk about this’.”

Miller says the character was inspired by a real-life CIA agent who returned to the U.S. from Iraq and worked as a cop. He used his experience to try to defuse situations rather than escalate them.

“This is the ultimate character that you would wanna play,” Scott says of the new role. “I love this show. I honestly couldn’t be more excited.”

Lethal Weapon season 3 premieres Wednesday 26 September at 7pm, same day as the U.S. on TVNZ OnDemand.