Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh

After the departure of Clayne Crawford and the arrival of Seann William Scott, Lethal Weapon has more shock news!

Original cast member Damon Wayans has announced he will leave the show after the third season’s first run of 13 episodes have wrapped production.

Wayans told Electronic Urban Report that he was “done” with the series. “I’m a 58-year-old diabetic and I’m working 16-hour days.” 

Wayans also said he felt wrong playing a “loving, supportive father, husband, friend” on TV, while not being able to be there for his family in real life because of his gruelling schedule. 

“You have to look at yourself in the eye and go, who are you? It can’t all be about work. I’m from a big family, a loving family. I haven’t seen them.”

“To me it’s just not worth it. There is a better way to live life.”

Season 3 has seen the arrival of new character Wesley Cole (Scott) who became Murtaugh’s new partner after the death of Riggs in the season 2 finale. 

Wayans will continue working on the show until December and it hasn’t yet been announced if Fox will order more episodes of the action drama.

Watch Wayans in the new season of Lethal Weapon right here!